The store


Joyá opened its doors with a new proposal for the Carioca jewellery scene: to expose, promote, and sell the work of a new generation of designers in an environment authentic and welcoming, where friends and customers can always feel at ease.

Seven years ago, Lara Mader led a team of designers to make Joyá an excellent choice for those seeking new trends in fashion and/or design. Among them: Camila Herzfeldt, Denise Queiroz, Kilaqua, Lara Mader and Nathalia Canamary, each with his or her own authenticity.

The investment in this unique jewellery store concept can also be observed in the store’s architectural design, which can be likened to that of an art gallery.  However, Joyá’s design sets itself apart in the way many of its pieces are displayed in hanging cases and the gallery’s walls, which have twice been painted by the artist, SAMINA,  since the store’s opening.

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