Lara Mader


The creator of the Greg King ring and several other pieces that pay tribute to animals is designer Lara Mader.  In her most recent releases, you could say that the designer’s creations are no longer exclusively female as the texture of various animal skins, such as chameleon, snake, and alligator have been stamped on a new collection of male rings, Texturas (Textures).


It’s been five years since the designer began dividing her time between her own creations and the management of Joyá, a store born from the desire to create a space for the exhibition, promotion, and sale of the work of new “carioca” designers.


Her interest in jewellery came as a result of her search for improvement and sophistication of jewellery, which she has striven for since discovering her interest in fashion.  In addition to matriculating in Jewellery Design (Universidade Veiga de Almeida, 2008), Lara Mader specialized at the European Institute of Design (Milan, Italy) and developed goldsmith techniques at the T&C workshop under the mentorship of Corina Seiferle e Telma Ramos.



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